Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Wolff Olins, shame on you!

My opinion of the Wolfe Olin’s London 2012 Olympic logo keeps changing…
One minute I hate the logo so much I get a pain in my head and in my belly, I want to curl up into a ball and cry for my mummy. “Mummy make the pain go away!”

Then the next minute I’m feeling sorry for it. It’s like it's the under dog. I want to protect it, and take it under my arm and frighten everyone away with a big stick. I call this the Simon Cowell/Elephant man syndrome and the Wolfe Olin’s logo is the John Merrick/Garth Gates of logo design. It stutters as a logo. It’s quite repulsively ugly. It’s a funny jaundice yellow colour, plus it can’t sing for toffee. Yet we feel sorry for it… and that’s where it’s success lays.

I’m not an animal I’m a logo! God bless it!

Then again it did cost the British tax payers £400,000... Burn it, torch the bast*rd!

Comment by Laurel Gruigur 2007

Here's my version - hope you like it!


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