Friday, 30 November 2012

A message to you...

Unsuspecting shoppers in an east London corner store were serenaded with a version of A Message To You Rudy, played out by a series of unlikely instruments including the Bottle Trumpet, Food Can Xylophone, Tetra Pak Maracas, and the Nut Packet Shakers.

Red Stripe turned an east London corner shop into an orchestra of unusual musical instruments for one day only, serenading shoppers with a new version of Dandy Livingstone's A Message To You Rudy each time they reached for a can or bottle of Red Stripe. Various products around the shop were borrowed and modified so they could play a tune, and even humble items like the dustpan and brush weren't missed out.

The video was directed by Greg Brunkalla, from Stinkdigital London, who worked with creative technologists Hirsch & Mann on the project.

As the making of video below demonstrates, there was no fakery involved. Each 'instrument' was individually wired up and placed on the shelves in order to blend in with the rest of the items in the shop, and all the sounds heard are created by instruments made from typical corner shop products.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

The World is the Devil's Hunting Ground

May 18, 2012 by
A short film by our new junior  designer Miles Monaghan whilst studying at Leeds University.

About a graffiti writer unawares that he is being watched. Shot in the iconic Victoria Baths in Manchester.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Outer Space

The footage in this video is derived from image sequences from NASA’s Cassini and Voyager missions. I downloaden a large amount of raw images to create the video.
The song is The Cinematic Orchestra -That Home (Instrumental).
Produced by: Sander van de Berg
Sander van den Berg

The Forty Story - Pentagram

The story of a boy born on the day Pentagram opened and how his life has been tracked (and kerned) by forty years of Pentagram design.
Written by Naresh Ramchandani and Tom Edmonds
Directed by Christian Carlsson
Additional animation by Simone Nunziato
Sound design by Iain Grant and Wam London
Music by Graeme Miller
Titles by John Rushworth
Design by Pentagram
Voiceover by Daniel Lapaine

The Gift by BLR_VFX

“Directed by Carl E. Rinsch, ‘The Gift’ Belongs to the “Parallel Lines” Phillips Cinema campaign originally released in Russia. The Gift is a Sci-Fi short with a savage Chase sequence. More than 20 full CGI shots were created for the short. Vechicles and characters were also designed specifically for the short.”

Saturday, 28 July 2012

Ben Lee music video: WWF Space Chimp

Leo Burnett Sydney and the World Wildlife Fund collaborated on this video for Ben Lee featuring an unhappy homecoming for a space monkey.

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Productivity Future Vision

In recent years, intelligent location and social awareness has become a user expectation – almost everything that we touch is in some way intelligently connected to us or other devices around us and technology is starting to second guess our intentions based on the context that we’ve given it. Sometimes that context is deliberately and clearly identified such as in a diary appointment, other times that context is suggested through our current location or updates to our social streams.
As we are starting to expect more and more from the technology that we carry around with us, it’s nice to have a vision of where we’re headed. If you have an idea where you’re going then you’re not going to unintentionally surprise people along the way, and as I often say, technologists seek inspiration in science fiction. So if you produce a vision then you are going to inspire people to help deliver that vision with you.
Microsoft’s Office Division have released a new vision, you can watch it below.

Thursday, 10 May 2012


To launch the high quality TV channel TNT in Belgium we placed a big red push button on an average Flemish square of an average Flemish town. A sign with the text "Push to add drama" invited people to use the button. And then we waited... Discover here what happened or visit for more info.

TNT. We know drama.

'The Cake Fairy' - Short Film (2012)

This was filmed in my friends cake shop - Good Luck guys!

Reed Short Film Competition 2012 - 'The Boss'
‘The Cake Fairy’ is a dysfunctional fairy tale that chronicles a young girls loss and subsequent struggle against her new wicked stepmother.
Original Score
Greg Patmore
Dubbing Mixer
Dean Covill
A Film by
Paul Coppack & Paul Sparkes
Narration Written by
Paul Birtwistle
Produced by
Ranj Nagra
Costume Design
Lucy Gallagher
Make-up & Hair
Lorna Waterworth
Lauren Gaskell
Holly Zebrowski
Andy Cooke
Nicola Holding
Kath McArragher
Christopher Z Matic
Nigel Adams
Robin Kershaw
Sue Webster
Sheila Horth

Friday, 16 March 2012

3D Mapping Show - Kulturbrauerei in Berlin - LG optimus

Beginning with a countdown on a giant hourglass and a greeting from an "Android," LG's huge presentation took viewers on a thrilling 3D ride that included -- among other things -- whales, ice skaters, giant octopi and steaming jungles. The 5-minute show concluded with the advice, "Optimize Your Life!" which will be the official tagline of the Optimus Series marketing campaign.

Monday, 27 February 2012

Olive – The First Cinema Film Shot with a Cell Phone

By Sumitra on December 30th, 2011 Category: News, Videos

It had to happen sooner or later. Olive is the world’s first feature film of cinematic-quality to be shot using a smartphone. The film was released in Santa Monica’s Nuart Theatre this week.
Olive is the first film of director Hooman Khalili. He shot the entire film with the Nokia N8 smartphone, which has a high-resolution camera. The camera was adapted with a 35-mm lens to give the film additional depth. The project was quite low on budget, costing just $500,000. It was partly funded by Chris Kelly, a Silicon Valley attorney and former Facebook executive. According to Kelly, films that are shot using smartphones are important because they give everyone access to creating high-quality content. In this context, Olive may just have marked the beginning of a change in the way the film industry functions. Kelly points out that with this kind of film-making, big studios wouldn’t control the industry anymore, and the very pricing and economics of making a film could change.
I haven’t watched the film, only a video of the first five minutes. And I must say that I’m impressed. Olive is by all means a film of Hollywood quality. It tells the story of a 10-year-old girl who is from another world, and doesn’t seem to speak a word. Not initially, at least. She arrives on Earth and plays an important part in the lives of three people – an obese man, an old and bitter woman, and a foreigner adjusting to life in the US – transforming them for the better. Golden Globe award-winning actress Gena Rowlands plays the role of the old woman. Making a cameo appearance in the film is Randi Zuckerberg, former Head of Communications at Facebook. Interesting, how many ex-Facebook-ers are involved in the project.
Olive Nokia N8 b1 550x320 Olive   The First Cinema Film Shot with a Cell Phone
A behind the scenes video reveals how the Nokia N8 phone was used to shoot the movie from various angles. The phone was basically plastered to various moving objects, such as slider bars, suction cups, even motorcycles and model helicopters. The project was completed in 22 days of shooting and 3 months of editing. With the exception of the camera, the movie was made like any other film. Olive looks like a movie that returns to simpler times, the narrative seems very rustic and real. It certainly could change the way in which movies are made in the coming years.

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Impressions on Trademarks and logos (from a 5-year-old)

A fun Sunday project withhis daughter on brand logos.
Follow him @ladddesign

Song: Eden by Phil Wickham