Thursday, 28 June 2007

Slam junk!

TBWA Paris was sent to virtual distraction trying to create "The world's best guerrilla marketing campaign" for prestigious client Adidas and their A3 Basketball shoes. Days, weeks, even months passed has they went round in proverbial circles scratching their empty heads.

Then one day... Jean Paul (or a least somebody of restricted height) had his first ever Archimedes Eureka moment.

"Moulin Rouge! Sac Magik!" he cried, "Let's put the litter bin (le' crap container) way up high on the lamp post!"

Now that is what I call pure inspired genius.

Comment by Laurel Gruigur 2007

Very creative! It’s an incredibly well thought out concept by TBWA in Paris, France.

The ‘Boost your jump’ campaign for: Adidas A3 Basketball trainers.


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