Tuesday, 27 March 2007

Snoop Dog

Along the same lines has the Ass-vertising, 'jung von matt neckar' launched 'dogvertising' A campaign promoting the alternative ad-free german radio station 'motor fm (100,6 mhz)'. Spraying the message "no mainstream. motor fm 100,6" on dogs in washable colours.

The question remains "WHY?"

They should have saved the idea for a cruelty to animals campaign.

Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Crass ass

The New York company 'Night Agency' have come up with a novel new way to advertise.

How low can you go - well this low apparrently!

They call it 'ass-vertise'. There philosophy: If you want to be seen, go to where people are already looking.
It's a nice idea, but this must be illegal - surely it's breaking the public indecency laws.

Nice try lads!


For a more tastful approach try:


Wednesday, 7 March 2007

AMP amplified

I talked to Simon Haselhurst yesterday - from AMP Communications Ltd. London.
One of the UK's leading names in guerrilla marketing.
An extremely talented bunch of chaps with a portfolio of work to match.
A company thats just starting out, but already holding quite an impressive client list. From The Battersea Dogs Home to The Guardian newspaper.
They are the guys that created The Guardian hand stamp campaign, that talked about in an earlier blog.

They seem to have found a unique voice for guerrilla marketing, and as a result they are quickly becoming one of the UK's big names.

Watch this space!