Friday, 15 June 2007

I say... ding dong!

I say… Ding-dong! I do not believe that Ann Summers should shy away from their raunchy naughty side. Instead, they should embrace it. Make cheer the ‘Rampant Rabbit!, Honour the edible cock ring, and Praise the saucy gimp mask…

Yes if you are going to do it, do it properly. For goodness sake man, go the whole nine yards…. well go the whole nine yards within reason and within the boundaries of human decency of course. Always keeping a strong sense of pride, dignity and a stiff upper lip.

Whip me you lusty she devil you! WHIP ME!

Comment by Laurel Gruigur 2007

Anne Summers is a sexy underwear and accessories chain here in the UK.
It's crying out for a guerrilla campaign.

By Guerrilla Guru © 2007 for CFH


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