Saturday, 26 May 2007

She's blowing hot and cold

A cheeky little interactive viral from AXE mens shower gel.

Do cold first then very hot for the full effect!


Friday, 18 May 2007

Ray Ban thank you ma'am!

The Ray Ban viral is quite new, but it travelled everywhere a surprising rate (so sorry if you've seen it) - posted May 7th.
I don't show enough viral, but this is pure class - everything a viral should be!

A little geeky, a little fun, a little different, but most of all it captures the hearts and minds.

Created by San Franciso agency Cutwater.

Thursday, 17 May 2007

Lifes a beach!

You would be forgiven for thinking 'what an amazing guerrilla marketing campaign for the movie 'The day after tomorrow', but unfortunately it was created digitally for the launch of Fame cinema complex's in Mumbai.

Still a great idea!


Tuesday, 15 May 2007

Broken dreams

'Broken link poster' I love this - I don't know why, it must be the anti-estabishment side of my brain!
I think it's more of a Banksy style guerrilla art project. Only I'm tired of Banksy - don't think I'm alone there (he sold out faster than Sainsbury 'I'm not a plastic bag' bag).

I was going to try and find out who did this before I posted it, but I'm not havin much luck.
If anyone knows... please reply!

I hope it's not Banksy


Monday, 14 May 2007


These are real 'ants' following a syrup drawn outline.
for a sugar free sweetner campaign - This particular one was shot in India.
So I imagine the campaign only ran in countries south of the equator.

I love the concept - it's not an original idea, cos' it's been done with pigeons - but this works much better!

Now what I can do with snails?


No pain, no gain! (sorry.. I mean no win, no fee!)

This was a shopping centre, work place and office foyer guerrilla campaign for the
'personal injury compensation' side of Seeing Red, a financial and legal services company based in the UK.

This is by Guerrilla Guru © 2007 for CFH


Thursday, 10 May 2007

I'm the unknown stunt man...

By pure coincidence the last two "guerrilla' posts where produced by the same company.
So it seems only fair that we 'big them up'

Cunning are based in both London and New York
with already quite an impressive portfolio for such a young industry.

I urge everyone to remember there name.
We have been to the top of the mountain and we saw ''! -They are the future!

+44 020 7566 5300

New York:
+1 212 219 1050


Wednesday, 9 May 2007


Sorry everyone, this is a ridiculous story. Inspired by the recent bodyadvertising craze (the concept of auctioning advertising space on your body to the highest bidder) Floyd Hayes - a resident of Brooklyn USA - came up with a new ad-dimension called 'voicevertising'.

Floyd Hayes put his voice up for sale on eBay, promising to shout out a brand name as loud as possible every fifteen minutes for an entire week, no matter what location or situation.

Quite fittingly, the highest bidder turned out to be 'HALLS Fruit and Breezers' - a company selling throat drops.

What next...
... just add 'vertising' to the end of any noun.

The 'media mastermind' aka Floyd Hayes can be found at:
Keep up the good work Floyd!


Friday, 4 May 2007

Try and see it from my angle!


This has got to be the best use of a "lost' poster that I've seen to date. Placed around New York city, it advertised the Sci-Fi channels 'Triangle' (also shown on the BBC).

Great campaign - poor TV!

Tuesday, 1 May 2007

Fiddler on the roof!

I recently got a brief to create a campaign to leaflet drop car windscreens - but this campaign for 'violin classes' always jumps to the forefront of my mind.

It's a real piece of classic guerrilla marketing.
Not sure if it's a pro or amature, but I like it non the less!

Please contact me if there is a guerrilla marketing campaign you think I'd like to see.