Thursday, 14 June 2012

Productivity Future Vision

In recent years, intelligent location and social awareness has become a user expectation – almost everything that we touch is in some way intelligently connected to us or other devices around us and technology is starting to second guess our intentions based on the context that we’ve given it. Sometimes that context is deliberately and clearly identified such as in a diary appointment, other times that context is suggested through our current location or updates to our social streams.
As we are starting to expect more and more from the technology that we carry around with us, it’s nice to have a vision of where we’re headed. If you have an idea where you’re going then you’re not going to unintentionally surprise people along the way, and as I often say, technologists seek inspiration in science fiction. So if you produce a vision then you are going to inspire people to help deliver that vision with you.
Microsoft’s Office Division have released a new vision, you can watch it below.

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