Friday, 7 September 2007


Flloyd has done it again! Floyd Hayes of Cunning the media genius has gone one better than his voicevertising campaign.
This time he sold his powers of telepathy to the highest bidder on Ebay!

Flloyd why didn't you tell me about this? - or maybe you did!

I feel the need to go out and buy things! I need a coffee... Who bent the spoon?


  1. Hi!

    Thanks again for featuring my foolishness...

    I've been a bit slack on the blog thing due to my wifi going away (neighbors got wise to my piggy backing)...

    Anyway, this was just for fun, it received 85,000 google returns and was featured in 6 national papers in Canada (!) and the Boston paper.

    Funny thing, I didn't sell it in the end, so this story is really about a bloke thinking about thinking about something...


    Hope all is going well with your blog and thanks again!


  2. Hi, I left a comment but it hasn't popped up?

    Email me -

    Thanks again for covering this silliness :)