Wednesday, 9 May 2007


Sorry everyone, this is a ridiculous story. Inspired by the recent bodyadvertising craze (the concept of auctioning advertising space on your body to the highest bidder) Floyd Hayes - a resident of Brooklyn USA - came up with a new ad-dimension called 'voicevertising'.

Floyd Hayes put his voice up for sale on eBay, promising to shout out a brand name as loud as possible every fifteen minutes for an entire week, no matter what location or situation.

Quite fittingly, the highest bidder turned out to be 'HALLS Fruit and Breezers' - a company selling throat drops.

What next...
... just add 'vertising' to the end of any noun.

The 'media mastermind' aka Floyd Hayes can be found at:
Keep up the good work Floyd!


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  1. Ha ha - Can't beleive you're featuring this but thanks!

    I have another eBay idea about to break so I'll keep you posted. It's actually even more ridiculous than this :)

    In the meantime you may want to check out my modest blog here: